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Literary London

Literary London is a collection of limited edition prints championing the capital’s rich literary heritage. Bringing to life the army of fictional characters who were born here. From the dreamers and dandies to the eerily eccentric and downright dangerous. Not just the living, but also the walking dead. All the winged and many-legged creatures who’ve been immortalised in the pages of novels. And who continue to inhabit and delight imaginations the world over. The larger than life personalities conceived by an equally eclectic horde of authors obsessed with London’s every nook and cranny, its bawdy taverns and refined townhouses, as well as the cities notorious underbelly, its clinks and courts of law.

The Literary London Map

A map of the capital featuring characters from the pages of novels based in London. The famous and infamous. And also the less well known. Those with an amazing moniker or brilliantly conceived nickname who are a credit to their creator. Each character has been plotted in the corners of the city they most liked to roam or chose to call home (sometimes at Her Majesty’s Pleasure). Get a print here.

The Literary London Type Map
A Limited edition typographic map of london


London’s iconic tube map, transformed into a pit-stop journey through styles of storytelling, with the individual tube lines turned into storylines and genres of literature. The depths of the Northern Line have been made into the aptly named Horror Line. The Bakerloo Line coursing past Sherlock Holmes’s Baker Street becomes the Crime & Mystery Line. The pink trajectory of the Hammersmith & City is converted to the Romance Line. Stations falling on intersecting Storylines get a sub-genre cross over. Get a print here.

Creative London tube map art print
framed tube map print
Map of london's tube

Twenty Bridges

‘Twenty bridges from Tower to Kew –
Wanted to know what the River knew,
Twenty Bridges or twenty-two,
For they were young, and the Thames was old
And this is the tale that River told.’

Another piece in the Literary London Art Print Collection, hand-crafted typographic art featuring the opening lines to ‘The River’s Tale’ by Rudyard Kipling in the shape of the river Thames, with all the relevant bridges plotted in position.

cool map of the river thames
typographic art river thames

Pubs Of Literary London

A guide to the pubs where all the fictional characters we know and love frequented. Also the clubs that the authors were members of, where they wined and dined and gambled the night away. The smoking holes, the opium parlours, from high to low, the classy to the dens of boozy iniquity. All of the places the notorious characters used to gather to plot, scheme and make merry.

Also the Paparazzi’s favourite stake outs; the places celebrities tumble out of. The actors and narrators who bring the stories to life. Buy a print here.

a map of london's pubs
type map of london's pubs
typographic map featuring Hyde Park
Colourful map of London detail
Map of east london's pubs
tired of london quote art print
sherlock holmes art print

Samuel Says

Samuel Says is a piece for people who love London as much as he did. Featuring one of his most famous quotes, this art print has been crafted in the style of those early editions of the dictionary. Londoners are passionate about their city. And Samuel was no different.

A Study In Sherlock

Super sleuth Sherlock Holmes’ famous silhouette including deer-stalker hat in a typographical celebration of wit and crime-busting wizardry.