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For the love of alcohol. An ongoing art collection which is filled to the brim with top tipples and winter warmers. The Booze Collection features Liquid Sunshine, an ode to rock and roll’s fire water of choice. In Vino Veritas is a print for wine lovers and craft beer spectacular 99 Bottles (Of Beer On The Wall). Please browse responsibly. More additions coming soon…

99 Bottles

99 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall.

Take one down, pass it around. My ode to wonderful, delicious beer. Letting my inner graphic designer run riot, creating 99 different brands in a loving homage to the most bonkers of the craft beers, Pilsners, Weissbiers and Indian Pale Ales. The microbrewed, the mass produced, the frozen and the lukewarm. The European, the American and the Japanese. Love them all in equal measure. Buy a print here.

typographic beer bottles close up

Wine Types

For the love of wine. A limited edition fine art print of a typographical wine bottle. Grape varieties and blends from the Old World to the New, from Barolo to Burgundy, Malbec and Merlot. Bottled by Dex. By a print here.

Typographic art print of bottle of wine

Pubs Of Literary London

A map of London guide to the pubs where all the fictional characters we know and love frequented. Also the clubs that the authors were members of, where they wined and dined and gambled the night away. The smoking holes, the opium parlours, from high to low, the classy to the dens of iniquity. All of the places the notorious characters used to gather to plot, scheme and make merry.

Also the Paparazzi’s favourite stake outs; the places celebrities tumble out of. The actors and narrators who bring the stories to life. Buy a print here.

a map of london's pubs
type map of london's pubs
typographic map featuring Hyde Park
Colourful map of London detail
Map of east london's pubs

Liquid Sunshine

For the love of whisky. A limited edition fine art giclée print of a typographical whisky bottle. Quadruple distilled firewater to warm the cockles on a cold winter’s evening. Buy a print here.

99 Bottles (Square)

A densely packed square of handcrafted craft beer bottles.

Buy a print here.