The Culture Map Of London Jigsaw

My Culture Map Of London transformed into a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle.

A puzzle that brings London’s vibrant music scene, esteemed literary tradition, and flourishing film industry into my grandest and most intricate map of the capital yet. Delve into a world where books and their authors, melodies and their musicians, films and their stars intertwine seamlessly amidst London’s iconic landmarks, each meticulously placed where they are most celebrated.

Take on the challenge of assembling this impossibly difficult jigsaw puzzle. Dare to conquer it and secure your spot among the elite — the first twenty to triumph and share their victory by emailing a photo of the completed puzzle to will earn their place on the prestigious hall of fame leaderboard.

The first three to solve this labyrinthine puzzle win a signed Limited Edition Culture Map print.

Puzzle pieces come in a 100% cotton cloth sack.

• Made from 100% recycled materials
• Our ink is sourced in the UK and is vegan
• All the puzzles are made in Devon
• Puzzle size when finished is 66cm x 50cm