Classic eighties movie silhouettes, using bold RGB colours to create a retro 3D effect.

Films featured (among others):
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Desperately Seeking Susan, The Untouchables, 
Say Anything, Twins, The Breakfast Club, Empire Of The Sun, The Karate Kid, Willow, The Princess Bride, Gremlins, Annie, Batman, Arthur, The Hitcher, Footloose, Aliens, Stand By Me, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Big, The Blues Brothers, Nightmare On Elm Street, Beverly Hills Cop, A View To A Kill, Rambo, Highlander, Rain Man, Clash Of The Titans, Mad Max, Jumping Jack Flash, Chuckie, Beetlejuice, The Woman In Red, Splash, Robocop, The Goonies, The Shining, Dune, The Evil Dead, Back To The Future, The Burbs, Ghostbusters, Tron, The Empire Strikes Back, Critters, Platoon, ET.

Each order ships with a pair of Red/Blue 3D Anaglyph Glasses.

40cm by 40cm. Limited edition of 25. Giclée print.

Sold unframed.